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CIBT Education Group Inc. is one of the largest education and student housing investment companies in Canada focused on the domestic and the global education market since 1994. CIBT owns business and language colleges, student-centric rental apartments, recruitment centres and corporate offices at 41 locations in Canada and abroad. The total annual enrollment for the group exceeded 10,000 students in 2021. CIBT owns Global Education City Holdings Inc. (“GEC”), an investment holding and development company focused on education-related real estates such as student-centric rental apartments, hotel and education super-centres. The total portfolio and development budget under the GEC® brand near C$1.3 billion.

Education Services:

Established in 1903, Sprott Shaw College has over a century of reputation. Sprott Shaw College and Sprott Shaw Language College offer over 150 career-focused college and language programs, with monthly start dates, flexible scheduling, and career placement assistance. Our healthcare and early childhood education programs are considered one of the largest across the province with an excellent graduation rate. With nineteen career and language campuses in BC and one language college in Ontario, Sprott Shaw College and Sprott Shaw Language College are committed to students’ ongoing education and career aspirations. To support our students’ continuous career ambitions, Sprott Shaw College offers online admissions to complement our on-campus services to support our student’s continuous career ambitions.

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Real Estate Services:

Global Education City Holdings Inc. is an investment holding and real estate company focused on academic assets such as student-centric rental apartments, hotels and education super-centers. Global Holdings, under the GEC® brand, provides accommodation service to over 90 schools in Metro Vancouver, serving thousands of students from 71 countries. The total portfolio and development budget under the GEC® brand near C$1.3 billion with hotel and residential apartments throughout Metro Vancouver.


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Investor Questions

Due to GEC’s unique business model, combined with the significant rental housing shortage in Metro Vancouver, we expect faster growth and higher return from our real estate business.  Our education platform refers students to our rental properties, which forms an integral part of our unique business model.

We use the airline business as an example.  Passenger business around the world is hardly profitable and mostly subsidized by their cargo business.  The cargo business has been growing exponentially due to the evolution of the e-commerce sector.  CIBT’s education platform provides customer referrals to its real estate business, and the two subsidiaries generate substantial synergies working together.  CIBT is one of the few private-sector organizations in the world that can provide a one-stop education and accommodations solution to students coming to study in Canada.

A large portion of CIBT’s growth will come from its student-centric real estate business.  The transaction value is substantially higher than the education business.  The development of the Education Mega Center®, Global Education City (Richmond) and Cyber-City are the first of their kind in North America with a combined development budget of over $700 million.  These projects will substantially increase the rental income, assets, and balance sheet of CIBT Group, which may also transform CIBT into a major player in BC’s real estate market.

The insider group, friends and family, and board members of CIBT strongly believe in its business models and prospects.  To put their belief in action, insider groups continued to increase their ownership position over the years.  The CIBT management team and board members continue to hold a large percentage of the issued and outstanding shares.

As a fast-growing company, the capital needs will continue for some time, particularly for the real estate business.  Instead of paying a dividend in a small value per share, CIBT believes in a steady growth of its share value supported by a robust business model and sound financial fundamentals.  For the past five years, CIBT has been consistently buying back its issued shares from the open market and cancelling them.  Reducing the issued and outstanding shares mean an increased ownership percentage for all remaining shareholders, an orderly market, and reduced dilution to future earnings per share.

The forward-looking statements in this Q&A/website include, without limitation, the statement as to the epectation that CIBT’s real estate business will experience faster growth with higher profit than CIBT’s education business, and that the completion of the Education Mega Center®, the Richmond Education City and Cyber-City will substantially increase the rental income, assets, and balance sheet of CIBT. The forward-looking statements are subject to various risks, uncertainties and other factors (collectively, the “Risks“) that could cause CIBT’s actual results or achievements to differ materially from those expressed in or implied by forward-looking statements.

The Risks include, without limitation, the ability of CIBT’s subsidiary real estate limited partnerships to arrange equity investment and secure other required funding to acquire and build projects, usual construction risks, the ability to obtain all required municipal approvals, and the ability to continue to attract students to reside in GEC® branded accommodations.

Forward-looking statements are based on the beliefs, opinions and expectations of CIBT’s management at the time they are made, and CIBT does not assume any obligation to update its forward-looking statements if those beliefs, opinions or expectations, or other circumstances should change, except as may be required by law.

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CIBT Reports 2023 First Quarter Financial Results

Vancouver, B.C., January 16, 2023 – CIBT Education Group Inc. (“CIBT” or the “Company”) (TSX: MBA, OTCQX International: MBAIF) is pleased to report that it has ...
Jan 2023
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