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CNN Interview with Toby Chu (President and CEO, CIBT) &
Rene Champagne (Chairman and CEO, ITT Educational Services Inc. )

CIBT President and CEO Toby Chu and ITT Educational Services Inc. Chairman and CEO Rene Champagne were recently interviewed in Hong Kong on CNN International Asia Pacific. In two individual segments about the growth of China's IT sector and increasing needs for IT training solutions, the two CEO's appeared on the NewsBiz Today show, which requires new technology segments, breaking news coverage and live updates from CNN's correspondents across the region and around the world.

"We are very pleased with the reception received from government officials and Beijing technology companies regarding the introduction of IT diploma programs. We believe opportunities to expand these curricular offerings to other cities in China exist, which will be explored by CIBT and ESI in the future."

Rene R. Champagne, Chairman and CEO, ITT

"At a time when the Chinese government is committing sizeable resources and accelerating its drive to become a worldwide information technology leader and foreign companies are dramatically increasing investment in China, the introduction of ITT courses will fill the corresponding urgent and rapidly growing need for training solutions."

Toby Chu, President and CEO, CIBT

CNN Interview with Toby Chu

CNN Interview with Rene R. Champagne