Press Releases

December 2, 2011 CIBT - Year in Review
November 10, 2011 CIBT Launches Hotel Management Programs in Hainan, China
October 5, 2011 CIBT Launches Study and Work Hospitality Management Program in China
August 22, 2011 CIBT to Establish GLN Partnership with Hunan Radio and Television University in China
August 16, 2011 CIBT Subsidiary Expands to Accountancy Training for Global Markets
July 27, 2011 CIBT to Establish GLN Partnership with Henan Radio and Television University in China
July 27, 2011CIBT News Release in Top Ten Most Viewed
July 25, 2011 CIBT to Establish GLN Partnership with Hebei Normal University in China
July 20, 2011 CIBT Announces Board Member Changes
July 15, 2011 CIBT to Establish GLN Partnerships with Guangzhou and Zhaoqing Universities in China
July 13, 2011 CIBT Completed Private Placement
June 15, 2011 CIBT Provides Business Update
June 1, 2011CIBT Signs Cooperation Agreement with Zhejiang University in China
May 20, 2011CIBT Undertakes Non-Brokered Private Placement
May 11, 2011CIBT and Subsidiaries Cooperates with DeVry University
April 19, 2011CIBT to Establish GLC Partnership with Yunnan International Exchange Center
April 12, 2011CIBT Expands Partnership with Yunnan Open University of China
April 4, 2011CIBT Discusses Expansion Projects and Market Conditions
April 4, 2011Letter to Shareholders
March 30, 2011CIBT to Expand its Global Career Center
March 14, 2011CIBT Completed Annual Form 20F Filing
March 7, 2011CIBT Launches Global Learning Platform to Emerging Markets
March 2, 2011CIBT Granted Global Exclusive Recruitment Rights for Southpointe Academy
February 1, 2011CIBT Share Buy-Back
January 18, 2011CIBT Announces Share Buy-Back
January 6, 2011CIBT Launches Hotel Management Programs with Open University of China

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