Press Releases

March 30, 2017 CIBT Completes Purchase of Assets of KGIC Inc. (formerly Loyalist Group Ltd.)
March 16, 2017 CIBT Subsidiary Acquires Assets of KGIC Inc. (formerly Loyalist Group Ltd.)
March 10, 2017 CIBT Reports Completion of Second Tranche of Private Placement
February 24, 2017 CIBT Reports Completion of First Tranche of New Private Placement
January 26, 2017 Sprott Shaw College Appointed as Managing Agent of KGIC Inc. Schools
January 25, 2017 CIBT Reports Purchase of Senior Secured Debt, Completion of Private Placement & Suspension of Share Buy-back
January 17, 2017 CIBT Reports Financial Results for First Quarter Ending November 30, 2016
January 16, 2017 CIBT Subsidiary Appoints New Executives to its Management Team
January 10, 2017 CIBT’s Flagship Education Super Center and Mega Center Projects Raise $17.5M
January 6, 2017 CIBT Reducing its Issued and Outstanding Shares for the 5th time in 4.5 Years
January 3, 2017 CIBT Subsidiary Adds New State-of-the-Art Campus

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