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Weifang University Celebrating 55 Years of Excellence

October 16, 2006

CIBT School of Business & Technology Corp. (“CIBT”) is pleased to report that its partner university, Weifang University (“WFU”), proudly celebrated its 55th Anniversary on October 16, 2006. As the largest university in Weifang City, WFU celebrated the event with over 30,000 students and guests. The university also invited Mr. Toby Chu, President of CIBT School of Business & Technology Corp. and Honorary President of Weifang University, to address the audience.

Please click here for pictures taken at the event.

About Weifang University:

Weifang University is one of the largest state owned universities located in Weifang City. The campus has 822 acres of government granted land of which 329 acres are fully constructed, and 8.6 million square feet of facilities with a population of 25,000 full-time and 12,000 part-time students.

The University has over 50 laboratories and classrooms, 4 experiment centers, over 40 multimedia classrooms, internet centers, drafting centers, academic halls and over 1,600 employees and 800 faculty members. It has 16 teaching departments, 53 specialties, and 9 scientific branches including Science, Engineering, Economics, Law, History, Education, Literature, Management and Agriculture. Weifang University's dormitories and two cafeterias can accommodate over 20,000 students and it is continuing to expand with new facilities being constructed.

About Weifang City, Shandong province:

Weifang City is located at the center of Shandong Province and has a population of approximately 8.5 million people. Its major industries require electronics, machinery, chemical and building materials, marine chemistry and paper. In 2002, the city's GDP was approximately RMB 89.5 billion (approximately US$10.8 billion). Approximately 110 million people reside within a 2 hour driving radius of Weifang City.

Please click here for pictures taken at the ceremony.

About CIBT

CIBT School of Business is a leading business and technical school, and has been providing training to students for over a decade in China. CIBT operates four campuses in Beijing, two campuses in Weifang, and five learning centers in other cities in China. CIBT has academic partnerships with Beijing University of Technology and Weifang University, and delivers postsecondary business, technology and technical trade skill programs to students and corporations in China. By cooperating with leading education providers in North America including Western International University, a subsidiary of Apollo Group Inc.; ITT Technical Institute; WyoTech Technical Institute, a subsidiary of Corinthian Colleges Inc.; and other universities from Europe and Asia, CIBT delivers advanced curricula to meet the progressive needs of China's growing student population.

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